Piet Klop


Piet Klop is the founder of Public Values, a network organisation which offers advice regarding complex social issues to organisations in the public sector. He was partner in the renowned international audit and consultancy firm Deloitte for more than 25 years. Klop was responsible for the national service to housing associations in the Netherlands, regarding auditing, tax advice, and consultancy.

Start carrière

Piet Klop graduated from the Dutch Royal Institute for Chartered Accountants and started his career at a small audit firm targeting SMEs. In 1982, he wished to further develop in a socially-oriented environment and he seized the opportunity to join VB Accountants, an audit and consultancy firm specialised in the public and non-profit sector. The social contribution offered Klop’s career an extra dimension. His clientele consisted of city councils, housing associations, healthcare institutions, and educational institutions. In 1994, Klop became one of the youngest partners in VB Accountants, which had almost 1,400 employees at that time. In order to gain more insight into the world behind the numbers of the public sector, he got a master’s degree in government accountancy, which is specifically aimed at audits within the public sector, at the Institute for Academic Studies in Tilburg. The multidisciplinary approach he learned during his studies here has played a pivotal role throughout the rest of his career.


When Deloitte and the VB Accountants merged in 1998 – the biggest merger in the history of the Dutch firm of Deloitte– Piet Klop became partner in Deloitte. After the merger, Deloitte has about 5,000 employees. Klop is responsible for the service to housing associations. Although he retained part of his aforementioned clientele, he specialised in audit and consultancy concerning housing associations. In contrast to VB Accountants, which focussed on smaller housing associations, Deloitte focussed on larger housing associations, such as Vestia and Portaal. With Klop at the helm, Deloitte became market leader in service to housing associations, with a market share in the audit of 43 percent of the Dutch housing associations. Klop’s method can be characterized by multidisciplinarity, as he thoroughly audits the processes and organisations within housing associations using the knowledge and skills of specialists from various disciplines. Klop was tied to various large projects. For example, he had a shared responsibility for the analysis of the administrative organisation of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Also, he developed an awareness scan, which was used to inform about and highlight the then new regulations concerning tax regulations for housing associations.

In 2012, Vestia almost had to file for bankruptcy due to so-called margin calls on interest-rates derivatives. Klop had been Vestia’s auditor on behalf of Deloitte up until 2009. Although he had not audited Vestia for a few years, Klop’s Vestia audits were reviewed in 2012. The Court of Auditors ruled that Klop’s audits had been performed in a critical, professional and thorough manner as he, among other things, had brought in various specialists on different aspects of the audit. After an appeal in 2016, the Court of Appeal decided that, even though Klop had rightfully brought in an expert on the field of derivatives, he had relied on the expertise of this expert too much. Other charges in the appeal were dismissed. After the aforementioned legal procedures had been completed, Klop left Deloitte in order to focus on a new initiative: Public Values.

Public Values

In 2016, Piet Klop founded Public Values, a consultancy firm which supports organisations in the public sector by means of crowd braining. This initiative is based on Klop’s conviction that bringing in experts from various disciplines is essential for solving issues within the public sector. Public Value’s network model aims to assemble professionals from the public, private and academic sectors. Public Values has also developed its own strategy for risk management for the public sector, in which the people and the goals are of the utmost importance. Together, a culture of trust is achieved within organisations. Risks are identified and risk awareness within an organisation is strived for. In addition, Public Values functions as an intermediary between employers and employees, both for permanent and temporary positions. Currently, its network is comprised of more than 100 carefully selected professionals.

Other activities

Piet Klop has specialised in governance during his career. From 2004 to 2011, he published books on housing association governance yearly, on behalf of Deloitte. The topics varied from fraud to project development and sustainability. Recently, he published a book concerning the governance of local municipalities: Adlasz voor de slimme gemeente (2018). Also, Klop writes articles and gives lectures. He used to teach at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Dutch Royal Institute for Chartered Accountants and he was an examiner at the University of Amsterdam and still is at the controllers college TIAS of the university of Tilburg. He still gives regular guest lectures at various universities. In 2016 and 2017, he was the jury chairman of the Dutch Housing Association Digital Award.

Considering his extensive experience with the Dutch public sector and his specialisation in auditing, consultancy and governance, Piet Klop can duly be characterized a leading professional.